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Stay Steel Tour

Rock-Garage Stay Steel Review

CRYING STEEL? Never heard of the guys! It comes from Italy-based troupe since 1982 and they have already released an EP, three albums plus a box set. Well you can not know everything.
These days, the guys return with their new album “Stay Steel” and have a very interesting new band member to announce!
Ex TNT and SHY vocalist Tony Mills can be heard on the new album, which of course makes it all the more interesting and even more curious, after all, Mr. Mills is one of the best rock and metal singers on this planet! Continue on Rock-Garage

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Crying Steel
Crying Steel Administrator

I Crying Steel nascono a Bologna nella primavera del 1982, dalle ceneri del gruppo Hard Rock "Wurdalak". I componenti fondatori sono Alberto Simonini (chitarra) e Angelo Franchini (basso elettrico), ai quali si aggiunsero Luca Bonzagni (voce) e nel 1983, dopo vari cambi di line-up, Luca Ferri (batteria) e Franco Nipoti (chitarra).


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