This Italian act released two great albums back in 1985 and 1988, fell of the face of the
Earth, and then reformed in 2007. ‘The Steel Is Back’ and ‘Time Stands Steel’ were very
good comeback records, but ‘Stay Steel’ sees the band finding their stride. This album has it all: scorching riffs, hummable melodies and a rhythm section that kills. And vocalist Tony Mills – yes that Tony Mills of Shy and TNT – is in impeccable form. Crying Steel is more metal than Mills’ previous groups ever were, with the likes of ‘Barricades’, the Accept-like ‘Crank It Up’, the Dokken-esque ‘Warriors’ and the heavy as hell ‘Speed Of Light’ being totally in your face. Every track, thanks in part to a stellar production, shines. I’d suggest you check out ‘Stay Steel’ ASAP, and if you like what you hear (you will), then work backwards and pick up their entire catalogue!




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