The Italian outfit Crying Steel has been around since the eighties, but is only well-known among those who are deeply into the Italian metal scene. That might change however, because they hired singer Tony Mills (Shy, TNT) to do the vocals on their new album ‘Stay Steel’. Something even their own singer agreed on. How this all got together is explained by founding member and drummer Luca ‘the kraken’ Ferri.

Crying Steel has been around for a long time, for the band started in 1982. Now it would be a bit too much to ask you guys to tell us all about your career, but can you tell us about the absolute highs and lows in the past 38 years?

Well, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, so let’s go for it. It’s easier to start with the highs which are more than the lows and if we rewind the tape we could easily say we’re living our best period ever. In the last three years we played at Wacken, we closed a record deal for a reissue of our well acclaimed first full length ‘On The Prowl’ by No Remorse Records and now we just released our best album ever ‘Stay Steel’ with our-living-legend Tony Mills on vocals. What more could we ask for? This said we faced a never-ending lead singer revolving doors which, obviously, confronted us with some problems and delays in our musical career, maybe we are singers-eaters? Hahaha.

Is Crying Steel at the moment the main priority for all the members? Or are you involved in other projects or activities? And can you live from making music or do you have a regular job on the side?

Our main priority for all of us is STAY STEEL ! As we are playing metal since early 80’ and now are one century further so we have to be in perfect shape. Last but not least Stay Steel in our last effort and we are just starting the new tour to support it. We never lived from our music and we have always had a regular job, but our music lives worldwide with or without our regular job.

Interviews by Wim R.

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